Turn your Amazon sales data
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Amazon Seller App - check your sales & profit on the go

With a Seller Metrix account, you have free access to the mobile app as well - so you can always check your sales and profit - wherever you are. See a summary for your worldwide Amazon sales in the Global Dashboard, or scroll down to see how each of your products performs individually.


Group your products for analysis

Auto Group by parent

Are you selling products in different colors or sizes? With Seller Metrix, you can see how they perform as a group (or individually). Want to see how all your products in a specific brand are performing? No problem - just search and select the brand to get a summary.

Analyze your sales & profits effortlessly

Monitor your overall revenue & profit and break it down to understand what products are doing well and where your business can improve.

Simply input your production & shipping costs and watch Seller Metrix do the rest.


Heatmap - Know Your Customers

For the first time ever, you are able to analyze customer purchasing behavior for your products to find hidden popular time periods. Use the insights to optimize your AdWords and Amazon PPC campaigns.

Seller Metrix Heatmap

Compare your Brands and Products

How are your Brands and Products performing relative to each other?

Visualize your business with the Pie Chart, now available with in-depth breakdown by brand and product to give you a bird's eye view.

Select any parameter to compare, for example, Net Profit, Units Sold, Refunds and a lot more.


Improved Charts - Find Your Trends

The chart is the best way to spot trends in your sales data. Just select the parameter you want to look at over time. Choose from Sales, Units, Orders, Refunds, Ad Spend and a lot more. If you are looking at a very long time-span, you can group the dates into Weekly or even Monthly which will make it a lot easier for you to spot trends.

We grow with you.

Are you already selling in EU as well as USA? Or are you planning to? No problem! Import data from multiple marketplaces into Seller Metrix at no extra cost. Currently, all North American and European marketplaces are available.

Some sellers have multiple accounts to sell separate brands. When building Seller Metrix, we have thought about that and we're happy to say that you can add unlimited seller accounts without additional fees!


Seller Accounts



Access your data anytime, anywhere.

Seller Metrix is fully accessible from any smartphone, tablet or desktop browser; whatever you do on one device is reflected everywhere.


Create notes for your products.

Track the changes you make to your product listings. The notes are visible in the graph, making it easy to see the impact of each change you make.

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